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We Design & Validate Algorithm Instructions & Rules for Deployment coded

for specific Computer Systems, Electronic Devices, Robotics NLP

lgorithms ===

Artificial Intelligence (AI)---Machine Learning (ML)---Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)


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How do humans learn? education, experience & practice.

How do computer systems learn? Algorithm Instructions, training data, data mining & practice.

.We develop pseudocodes to plan out the logic needed in the design & validation of

Algorithm Instructions & rules which we compose for specific programming language.

Algorithm Instructions are the basic building blocks for all computer systems, electronic devices,

robotics NLP with a specific purpose to reason, learn, make decisions, problem solving &

performing tasks on their own.

Artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) built on algorithms which are used

to create intelligent systems capable of performing tasks like image recognition,

natural language processing NLP, decision making. And enabling the simulation

of human intelligence capabilities from puzzles to highly sophisticated AI & ML

that can tackle complex real-world problems & tasks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms design & implementation can mimic human

cognitive functions such as being able to see, understand, and respond to spoken,

written language, analyze data, make recommendations & more.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms can solve problems using data from various

sources, verifying & monitoring the operating results, decision

making & translations between languages better than human intelligence.


Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is a subset of artificial intelligence using

algorithms to create brand-new output, such as text, photos, videos, data, or

3D rendering from the vast amounts of training data and data.

(GenAI) learns to use patterns & rules that theyve learned to create new content

to simulate human creativity & generate new convincingly authentic content.

Generative (GenA) algorithms can generate authentic looking videos created for

marketing, selling, education, medical, information, communications, social media.

  Transformers are a type of machine learning neural networks to unlock a program called

called Attention that enables tracking the connections between words

across pages, chapters and books rather than just in individual sentences.



Cooper Applied Technology (USA, family business) has transformed from an outdated inefficient analog company into a development to deployment technology team to compose & customize Algorithms Instructions & coded


computer systems, electronic devices, robotics NLP,

artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)

------ lgorithms ___

I acquired my practical & business technology knowledge & experience

as a Director, CEO, CTO, VP, employee of various companies before joining

 Cooper Applied Technology (SM TM R)

I earned BS degrees in Accounting & Electrical Engineering at RIT,

  MBA degrees in Finance & Economics at Syracuse University.

Richard Cooper CEO CTO

Cooper Applied Technology updates our web page as Technology continues to update.

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