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     Algorithm’s are predefined set of automated-instructions


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HealthCare providers with the help of cognitive computing & algorithms

  can assist & improve HR medical hiring decisions. It is a requirement to hire

the best qualified skilled scientists, doctors and qualified support team

 in addition to replacing retiring HealthCare professionals.

Health Care Applications

Algorithms are any form of predefined automated instructions & are the


 building blocks of 1. cognitive computing, 2. machine learning, 3. Artificial


 intelligence & 4. Chatbot to simulate human conversation.


    Medical algorithms are programed with data from patients’ examinations, doctor’s

 notes, clinical images, genetic test demographics, laboratory results, scientific

 research to assist doctors in patent diagnosis & care.

Medical algorithms are an essential format for sharing pertinent information

 needed for safe patient care & also as a tool to reduce the overall burden

 on doctors and their support team, not replace them.

1 .What is? Cognitive Computing applications mimics the functions

 of the way the human brain works and continues to learn by acquiring & simulating


   new human intelligence processes & behavior creating updated self-learning algorithms.


 Cognitive Computing systems processes enormous amounts of data mining instantly &


pattern recognition to answerer specific queries for both clinical support and


 decision-making recommendations. And to assist medical professionals for better


 treatment of diseases & improvement in patient health care for cognitive &


 auditory impairment, memory retention & decision-making problem solving.


 2. What is? Machine learning algorithms learn with structured data to complete automated


 tasks without being programed how to do so.


3. What is? Artificial Intelligence (AI) simulates human intelligence & learns by studying &


 analyzing patterns of the human brain & human cognitive process to learn with


 human-like levels of intelligence. As new data is accessed AI intelligence improves.


4. What is? Chatbot is a software computer program that simulates human conversation

 through text or voice interactions.

 .Chatbots artificial intelligence, cognitive computing algorithms, natural-language

processing (NLP) is your intelligent personal virtual assistant.

 The more data chatbots acquire, the more effective chatbot algorithm becomes


 communicating as a human would & answering your health care questions 24/7/365


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Cooper Applied Technology (USA, family founded) has transformed from an outdated inefficient analog company to

The Fourth Industrial Revolution—Industry 4.0  intelligent digital technology company.

We are consultants, work collaboratively with entrepreneurs to form ideas, plan, implement & deploy digital innovations for HealthCare Applications

 I acquired my practical business knowledge & experience as a Director, CEO, CTO, VP, employee of various companies before joining Cooper Applied Technology.

I earned a BS degree in Accounting & Electrical Engineering & an MBA degree in Finance & Economics.

Richard Cooper CEO  CTO

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