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  Platform Business Models


 creating Network effects for on-line connections & ecommerce


Verification for Business Monetization to on-line 24/7 path to ROI and Profit



 Our Platform Business Model is designed as a digital intermediary connections’ platform for on-line interdependent


     employees & self-employed to meet, learn and exchange necessary & required Hard Skills & People Soft Skills.

Hard Skills without People Soft Skills and vice versa puts you at a disadvantage from earning a living

& a business without people with both skills is one of the biggest barriers for

 businesses to generating sales and profits in our ecommerce economy.

The analogy is like your business as a row boat without oars a drift & forced down

 stream into the dangerous rapids of the economic current. With both Hard Skills

and People Soft skills (both oars) working together, your business will surge straight

 ahead and survive in our 24/7 digital lightspeed competitive ecommerce economy.

Hard Skills (text book smart) are learned through work experience, education,

training, computer application, management, marketing, writing & language skills.


People Soft Skills (street smarts people skills) are character traits that affect your ability


to work and interact with others. Natural abilities not taught in a classroom,


ethics, managerial leadership & communicate effectively to motivate people.


 Today's work has moved from buildings that house cubical work space to individuals remotely working using

 electronic communications, email & the internet. Where can you learn, develop and improve

 both Hard Skills & Soft Skills with limited or no face to face social interactions.

Remote working is here as a long-term trend so how do you socialize?

ANS: A Platform Business Model developed for on-line business socialization, a


confidential network of source knowledge to connect with and update & learn


new Hard skills & People Soft Skills.


Your success is not how much you know but who you connect to. 


Are you aware you can advertise your Hard Skills & People Soft Skills on our platform,


self-express your creativity, knowledge and publish your news the intelligent way.


   What are your skills?  What are your certifications, have you made presentations,


received awards, written papers or a book ?


Using our Platform Business Network global connections,


you can build your data base of helpful needed skills that motivate,


inspire & assist in your Digital Transformation Objectives.


Private secure contacts.  There is no cost or fees applicable.


Also, a significant value is created by transitioning your analog linear middleman business (pipes)

from Product to Platform for suppliers and consumers enabling secure scalable

 network connections for ecommerce that might not otherwise occur.  

Products produce a single revenue stream, while platform networks are digital intermediaries


that connect suppliers with demand and vice versa enabling their direct interaction to

 generating many revenue streams.


Platform Business Models shift static operations to dynamic operations, provide a

governance structure, a set of standards and protocols that will

facilitate interactions by large-scale numbers of network users.

Platforms businesses have modest operating costs because they don’t usually manufacture tangible goods

or hold inventory and they create a positive network effect for the participants

who rarely leave a vibrant platform business.


The Platform Business Model that Monetizes for more traffic + more sales = Revenue & Profits.

  This is the digital on-line path to positively improve customer relations and enhance customer trust

the intelligent way to earn their business.

Can we help?

Linear businesses and On-line platform businesses

we buy—we partner--we advise--we invest.

Contact us in secure confidence!  TIME is of the Essence!


Platform Business Monetization

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More traffic + More Sales = Revenue & Profits

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Cooper applied technology (USA company, founded 1976) has transformed from


an outdated inefficient analog business into a skilled


Digital Transformation Engineering Company.


                            Sharing our knowledge of Business Accounting, Electrical Engineering, Finance,


                         Economics, Computer applications and Audio-Visual media to stave off


                competitive economic disruption. We can show you how


to monetize, fundamentally improve operating efficiency, create intelligent


 marketing plans for on-line sales & services and participate in network effects


in our ecommerce economy. To better serve existing customers, gain new customers and


 generate an ROI & Profit.



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