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 Platform Business Models’ updated design facilitates external network

 connections for eCommerce transactions on the internet


 Business Monetization for ROI and Profit



 Our platform business models’ build value by facilitating external network connections for exchanges

between interdependent groups of connected devices. Platform business models’ develop large scalable

networks of users and resources that can be accessed on demand. Platform business models’ create

communities & markets that allow connected devices to interact and transact eCommerce on the internet

which has no restraint to distance & time for generating network effects.

Platform business models’ secure buying & selling of products, services, data, knowledge, teaching, training, funds transfer,


  e.g., built on top of an existing business’s Hard Assets, Soft Assets (human skills) & Intangible Intellectual Property.

Human Resourcs i.e. Hard Skills (from text book & work) are learned through education, work experience,

computer applications, specialized knowledge, expertise in IT, engineering, science, writing, language, e.g.


Human Resources i.e. Soft Asset Skills (street smart) common sense, interpersonal skills, ethics, intellectual

   knowledge not acquired in the class room, leadership, communication skills to motivate,

 dependability, adaptability, conflict resolution, e.g.

 Intangible Intellectual Property includes goodwill, brand recognition, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade

names, software, licenses, customer lists, e.g.


 Today's work has moved from buildings that housed individual cubicles to individuals remotely working using

 electronic communications & the internet. Where can you learn, develop and improve both Hard & Soft Skills

 with limited or no face to face social interactions with remote working? Remote working is now part of eCommerce.

Observation! The cost of college degrees today forces student loans to be repaid over many years of work.

Your college degree that can’t repay your student loans in full from your earnings has little value.

Business today need to higher non college degree people, teach and train them with the necessary

Hard & People Soft Skills to assure a competitive work force and eliminate the biggest barrier for generating

 sales and profits in our eCommerce economy.  And no student loans required!

Are you aware you can make important connections using our Platform about your Hard Skills


 & People Soft Skills & self-express your creativity and publish your news the intelligent way.


   What are your skills?  What are your certifications, have you made presentations received


 awards, written papers or published a book? Discuss social digital tools & applications.


Using our Platform Business Models’ updated network connections, your business & you can build


 an updated data base of helpful contacts to inspire, assist & source intangible intellectual property.


We facilitate network connections only. There are no costs or fees.


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In addition, a significant business value can be created by Digital Transformation of

 your linear middleman business (pipes). Digital transformation from Products, underutilized excess capacity, hard

  assets, intangible intellectual property to a platform business model for sellers & consumers and vice versa.

Products produce a single revenue stream, while platform business models connect suppliers with demand and


 vice versa creating (P2P), (B2P) & (B2B) transactions generating many revenue streams and a ROI & Profit.


  Platform Business Models enable scalable network connections, network effects, monetization of


  underutilized assets that might not otherwise occur resulting in users rarely leaving a vibrant platform.


  Platform Business Models shift static operations to dynamic operations, provide a governance,

a structure, a set of standards and protocols that facilitate eCommerce interactions by large-scale

numbers of network connections (scaling).

A trustful way to serve existing customers and gain new customers.

Platform businesses are the dominate business models today!

How Can we help?  

·        Identify & monetize underutilized hard assets & soft assets (human resources)

·        Identify & monetize underutilized intangible intellectual property

·        verify & update platform business models, partner with—advise—invest

Contact us in confidence!  TIME is of the Essence!


How do you describe your platform business model? Are you still an old linear

business? What are your target markets?  Not sure?

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A trustful way to serve existing customers and gain new customers

and generate a ROI & Profit.


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