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 Automation Technology

Vision Guided Industrial Robots, Intelligent Machines,

Collaborative Robots ( Cobots)( Robot & Co-Worker collaboration),

 Voice & Speech Recognition


YES--WE Want to Buy your Industrial Robots & Robotic equipment &

collaborative robots (Cobots)

 Working--Non-Working--Used—Surplus Parts   


Business stress you out? Is your business productive, competitive & survivable today

& for tomorrows?

 Businesses need to retain their Hard Skilled workers for their technical knowledge & skills

required to operate & focus on the use of various types of specialized tools, various types of

 mechanical equipment, computer programing & applications, work task automation & software

 development. Hard Skills learned through educational courses, vocational training & on the job.

Hard Skills also include bilingual or multilingual languages, data base management technology,

  network security, statistical analytics, data mining, deep learning, algorithms development,

 mobile development, user interface designs, marketing campaign management, data storage

 development and management programming languages.

Can’t find & hire Hard Skilled workers or replace retiring employees. Very important

 to develop a plan to retain company Hard Skilled employees who are planning to leave.

Solutions by Cooper Applied Technology (The Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0 Technology) is

 first to automate technical knowledge & instructions for Vision Guided Industrial Robots,

 Intelligent Machines & Voice & Speech Recognition Technology.

Next, an excellent way to retain non-replaceable hard skilled workers is with collaborative

 robots (Cobots) that are programed by the co-worker & capable of learning multiple tasks

through demonstration & reinforcement learning to assist & help him produce goods & services.

(Cobots) can be tasked with back-breaking, repetitive & monotonous work, letting

 hard skilled co-workers focus on utilizing their knowledge & technical skills.

Today Vision Guided Industrial Robots, Machine Vision Systems & Cobots are built

 by humans and designed to SEE, perceive, comprehend assigned multi-task,

 automate manufacturing processes, production lines & inspection for quality control.

Automation & co-worker hard skills assures business efficiency, reduced operating costs,

improved customer satisfaction & brand reputation, improved company reliability resulting

in a positive ROI & Profits.

STOP!  Don’t scrap your Industrial Robots, Robotic equipment & Cobots

 Working  Non-Working  Used & Surplus Parts.

YES--WE Want to Buy them NOW!

  The alternative to scrapping is to trade them in & sell them to Cooper Applied Technology.

 Updated Industrial Robots (Cobots) & Intelligent Machines can still have a useful life with

 automation instructions (algorithms) for co-workers’s applications, speech

& voice recognition algorithms, updated software (ROS) & cybersecurity.

Updated Industrial Robots (Cobots) can work 24/7, 365 days per year after year with

 Minimal human labor, no work breaks, no complaints & no medical costs.

What automation projects are you working on, now to design or plan & implement now?

We can Answer Questions---Guide you---be your Supplier

Do you have and are you sure you have updated installed Encryption Algorithms to protect

 & secure your Vision Guided Industrial Robots and Machine Vision applications & Data?



  Cooper Applied Technology (USA, family founded) has transformed from

 an outdated inefficient analog company into The Fourth Industrial Revolution—

Industry 4.0 digital technology company. We are problem solvers, system

integrators, automation systems & Robotic Equipment suppliers & services.

 I acquired my practical business knowledge & experience as a Director,

CEO, CTO, VP, entry level employee of various companies before

joining Cooper Applied Technology.

 I earned BS degrees in Accounting & Electrical Engineering &

 MBA degrees in Finance & Economics

Richard Cooper CEO CTO

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