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Creating custom Algorithm Instructions for Humans & Machines to Work Tasks Together

these Algorithms are vital in the building blocks & basis of

artificial intelligence (AI) + artificial general intelligence (AGI) aka machine intelligence MI) + computer systems + synthetic data +

  ChatGPT + QR 2-Dimensional Barcodes 



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Creating Custom Algorithms that are pre-defined step by step instructions converted into a

 specified computer code vital in the building blocks & basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI),

Artificial General Intelligence-Machine Intelligence (MI), Computer Systems,

 QR 2-Dimensional Barcodes and applications.

 Algorithms for your Incidental, Coordinated or Planned tasks are constructed

 with structured & or unstructured data.

The main difference is that Structured data is data that has a standardized format

 for efficient access by software and humans alike. It is typically tabular

 with rows & columns that clearly define data attributes & searchable.

Examples are dates, phone numbers, product SKUs.

 Unstructured data has an internal structure, but it's not predefined through data

 models. It might be human generated or machine generated in a textual or a

 non-textual format which is more difficult to categorize or search.

 Examples are photos, videos, podcasts, social media posts, emails.

 Most of the data in the world is Unstructured data.

Top of Form A QR 2-Dimensional Barcode is a Quick Response door opener to more business

& services with easy access to web pages, reading text, MP3 audio &

 video using digital device scanners. QR 2-D Barcode can be password-protected if

 required to restrict access to private & confidential information by scanning devices.


 Artificial Intelligence defined. Artificial is man-made & intelligence is

  thinking power, hence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is man-made thinking power.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a narrow range

  of capabilities designed for specific tasks to make informed decsions.

  AI uses structured mathematical models, data of customer (CRM)

 records, product databases, contact lists, documents, videos,

 audio files, posts on social media, emails & more.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) ) aka Machine Intelligence (MI)

 has the ability to replicate & understand, reason, apply learned knowledge

 across a broad spectrum of tasks as effectively or better than a human.

 This broad spectrum of abilities is derived from deep learning algorithms

structured in layers to create artificial neural networks & together with

 logic to think with less human intervention, mimic the structure & function

of the human mind, behavior & brain to execute faster & solve more tasks

 than humans.

 Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) learns to extract

 a broad range of various kinds of data to put together its own processes and

 arrive at its own conclusions. The data allows AGI to comprehend, learn &

 perform any task that a human can with flexible thinking, reasoning &

 computational advantages to solve any kind of complex problem.

1.    Medical & Medication Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help hospitals create

artificial patients for true-to-life testing for new methods of diagnosis &

 new drugs for what drug-drug interactions & their side effects before treating

 real patients’. AI can help with medical decisions as an assistant to

 doctors based on relevant data from patients’ examinations, doctor’s notes,

  clinical images, genetic tests, drug allergies, laboratory results &

scientific research. Reducing the overall burden on clinicians and their

 support team, not to replace them.

2.    ChatGPT is an AI chat robot that uses natural language processing (NLP)

to create human like conversational dialogue, understand human

healthcare FAQ’s & provide intelligent verbal & written answers.

      ChatGPT can produce various types of content including text,

Imagery, audio & video & synthetic data from articles, social

  media posts, essays, code & emails.

ChatGPT can  explain insurance coverage & claims,    

    schedule appointments, enhance patient experience & communicate

 empathy as a personal friend & companion & comfort 24/7/365.



Cooper Applied Technology (USA, family business) has transformed from an outdated inefficient analog company into

Creating custom Algorithm Instructions for Humans & Machines to Work Tasks Together

these Algorithm instructions are then converted to a specified computer code vital in the building blocks & basis of

artificial intelligence (AI) + computer systems + synthetic data +

artificial general intelligence (AGI) aka machine intelligence MI) +

  ChatGPT + QR 2-Dimensional Barcodes.

Algorithm Instructions for Humans & Machines To Work Together


I acquired my practical & business technology knowledge & experience

 as a Director, CEO, CTO, VP, employee of various companies before joining

  Cooper Applied Technology  (SM TM R)

I earned BS degrees in Accounting & Electrical Engineering and

 and MBA degrees in Finance & Economics.

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