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the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) secured with Blockchain Technology

Smart Industrial Machines and Industrial Robots and Systems


Can Your Data be Trusted? — if not, it’s Your loss of business & profits!


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Blockchain Technology is defined as decentralized ledger blocks or data containers that contain

 algorithmic cryptographic hash and algorithmic cryptographic hash of the previous sequentially

 chained block. Also, an audit trail, time stamp, consensus verified and immutable history of all

transactions on the network. Blockchain platform has no central administration,

 no middleman & the blockchain community collectively retains control.

Blockchain can dramatically improve trust and security of data generated by the Industrial

 Internet of Things smart machines & robots.

As new industrial internet of things smart machine & robots data is created, it is entered into

 a new immutable irreversible ledger block with a new generated algorithmic cryptographic hash

 consensus verified and sequentially chained to the previous block.


 The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is defined as smart machines & robots & systems

 enabling intelligent industrial operations & advanced data analysis for insightful business decisions.

 IIoT & Blockchain together are bringing unprecedented levels of automation, intelligent

 communications, secure connectivity, data storage & without an intermediary at

price-performance points that were previously unthinkable.

 Smart machines & robots communicate in different ways, using different protocols

 depending on what they are, where they are & who they need & are required to talk to.

   Collected raw data from sensors, actuators, smart machines and robots are analyzed & converted


  into status data of information and recorded in a secure blockchain immutable database block.

  Blockchain enables developers to transfer code & tasks securely to smart machines &

 industrial robots’ instructions & receive back secured data in real time & to verify if data

 has been tampered with. If needed, lock access or shut down an impaired

smart machine or machines, or one or more industrial robots in a swarm that have been impaired or

 are defective. Communications are on the internet that has no restraint to distance or time.

The numerous benefits of Blockchain applied to the industrial internet of things

 far outweigh the cost of implementation & integration. The return-on-investment ROI

 will far outweigh the liability cost & risk of unreliable data.

Smart Contracts

 Smart contracts are any computer program designed to execute on a block chain automatically

or embedded in a smart machine when all instructions & obligations have been fulfilled.

Transactions are trackable, immutable, irreversible & enables the transfer & exchange of

 IIoT data on the internet that no restraint to time and distanc.


A DApp is a decentralized application built on a decentralized network not a centralized server

or middleman.  DApps combines a backend smart contract that allows the execution of legal-like

 functions that control the DApp and a frontend user interface (API).  Application Programming

 Interface (API) is software (not human) that allows two or more applications to communicate.

 Existing Business centralized Web Apps can be converted into decentralized DApps. 

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