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 Vision Guided Industrial Robots & Machine Vision

  Industrial & Medical Cobots, AI & ML Algorithms


Buyers & Refurbishers

WE WANT to BUY your Industrial Robots & Robotic equipment, Cobots

Working Non-Working  Used and Surplus Parts!  

Business stress you out? Is your business productive, competitive & survivable now & for tomorrows?

Solution is to automate the operating instructions (algorithms) of Vision Guided Industrial Robots &

Machine Vision to effectively replace the lack of skilled workers & replace company

 skilled employee retirements. Vision Guided Industrial Robots & Machine Vision are

 designed & built by humans to SEE, perceive & comprehend assigned multi-tasks &

 automate (algorithms) manufacturing process, production lines & quality

 control inspection.

   Industrial & Medical Cobots with vision are also designed & build by humans with

 Algorithms, can perform multi-tasks that are dangerous, boring, repetitive &

 physically demanding for humans.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0 Technology offers new guidance for design

    & building of Robots for human collaboration (Cobots), algorithms, artificial

 intelligence (AI) and Vision Guided Industrial Robots & Machine Vision with

 cybersecurity to block hacking of open-source & middleware software on both open

 & closed networks.

Do you have and are you sure you have updated installed Encryption Algorithms to protect

 & secure your Vision Guided Industrial Robots and Machine Vision Applications & Data?

A cybersecurity attack can infect Log 4j open-source software logging library for Java

  used by many businesses. Cybersecurity attacks can halt or disrupt manufacturing lines,

 quality of products making them non-salable, damage customer services, disrupt medical

 operations, steal intellectual property, generate excessive costs, create employee 

safety issues & incur legal liability.

We are here to Guide you as

your supplier of Vision Guided Industrial Robots & Machine Vision with Algorithms

 for secure intelligent multi-tasking operating software (ROS), Robotic equipment &

Industrial, Medical & Dental Cobots.

Now Industrial Robots can work 24/7, 365 days per year after year with minimal labor,

 no work breaks, improved customer satisfaction & brand reputation

 resulting in a positive ROI & profits.

What project are you interested in designing & planning to automate?

 Email Richard Cooper For Your Supplier Information Guide or call 585.256.0971


STOP! Don’t scrap your Industrial Robots, Robotic equipment & Cobots

Working Non-Working  Used and Surplus Parts

WE Want to BUY them NOW! 

 The alternative to scrapping is to trade them in & sell them to Cooper Asset Recovery.

 Updated & Refurbished Robots & Machines can still have a useful life with new automation

 instructions (algorithms) for your applications, updated software (ROS) & cybersecurity.

Cooper Asset Recovery---Call 585.256.0971, Email US NOWl



 Cooper Applied Technology (USA, family founded) has transformed from an outdated

inefficient analog company into The Fourth Industrial Revolution--Industry 4.0

 technology organization. We are listeners, Problem Solvers, system Integrators,

 & suppliers.

 Cooper Asset Recovery is the used asset division.

I acquired my practical business knowledge & experience as a Director, CEO, CTO, VP,

 entry level employee of various companies before joining Cooper Applied Technology.

 Earned BS degrees in Accounting & Electrical Engineering &

 MBA degrees in Finance & Economics.

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