November  2021


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Robotics Engineering Integrators

Industry 4.0---working & coexisting with Robots

Are you “Employing” & or “Hiring” the Right Industrial Robots?

BUYERS of used & surplus Industrial Robots & Robotic Equipment

SOURCE of reconditioned & updated Industrial Robots & Robotic Cell Equipment

Today’s business survival is defined by how well & quickly companies can understand &

 & react with a positive plan to hedge market disruptions & generate a ROI and profits.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 & IIoT the Industrial Internet of Things

 is the connections between people, data, and machines employed in manufacturing, medical,

 healthcare, communications, warehousing, transportation, entertainment. It is the focusing on

 interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, multi-tasking Robots, real-time data and

 in some cases, little or no human interaction. 


NEW Infrastructure Investment Act, H.R. 3684 and Industrial Automation.

Robotics cells are a complete operating system that includes programmable logic

  controllers (PLC) that connects to industrial robots to control the movements of the

 Robots arm & for the end-effector to prevent interference from occurring within

the robot’s work area and communications hubs, tooling, sensors, actuators,

 ID & password safety measures & ROS software.

Is it time to dismantle your old limited one task industrial Robots & Robotics

equipment operating on outdated proprietary programming languages that may not be

getting the most current & critical security updates? Robots may have design

 flaws, lack cybersecurity, vulnerable to malicious code, a reality that could lead to

 being controlled remotely & result in data breaches.

As an alternative to decommissioning, we can reprogram the controller language (PLC)

& operating system (ROS) for a safe & secure operating system to provide the connectivity,

 visibility, multi-tasking & ID & password requirements.

 Industry 4.0 devices that can be either controlled by a human operator or by a computer.

If you decide ---  we are

BUYERS of USED & NEW SURPLUS Industrial Robots & Robotics cell equipment

 consisting of, positioners, teach pendants, programmable logic controllers (PLC),

 communication hubs, tooling, sensors, actuators, ROS software and parts.

Send us your available list by email, paper mail or just give us a call, especially

  We are your primary source for new surplus & pre-owned reconditioned Industrial

Robots, programmable logic controllers (PLC), software for multi-tasking,

(ROS) with cognitive computing (AI), IoT gateways & Robotics equipment.

ABB, The Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Midea Group (KUKA),

The Fanuc Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries,

Epson Robots, Stäubli, Nachi Fujikoshi Corporation,

Comau, Omron Adept Technology Inc. & others



Cooper Applied Technology  listeners first, understand your needs & requirements,

  question & evaluate current operations, then recommend our solution.


Cooper applied technology (USA, family founded) has transformed from


an outdated inefficient analog company into an Industrial Internet of


 Things IIoT or Industry 4.0, supplier, problem solvers, innovators & system


integrators. I gained practical business knowledge & experience as a


 Director, CEO, CTO, VP & entry level employee. Experience enhanced


 by earning college degrees in Business Administration & Accounting,



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