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 Intelligent Automation Technology

Vision Guided Robots, Intelligent Machines, Collaborative Robots (Cobots), Cognitive Computing, Software Robotics programs (bots & chatbots)


YES--WE BUY your Industrial Robots, collaborative robots (Cobots),

 Robotic equipment

 Working--Non-Working--Used—Surplus Parts


Business stress you out? Is your business productive, competitive & survivable today

& for tomorrows?

 To continue to be competitive businesses need to hire & retain their Hard Skilled workers.

  Hard Skilled workers have business technical knowledge & skills required to operate &

focus on the use of various types of specialized technical tools & mechanical equipment,

 computer systems & programing applications, multi-tasking, automation

 of operational instructions (algorithms), software development, cybersecurity.

 Hard Skills education is learned in trade school, vocational training & on the job.

 Competitive Solutions by Cooper Applied Technology (The Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0)

1.Automate data analysis & operating instructions (algorithms) when you can’t find & hire


 human Hard Skilled workers or replace retiring skilled employees. 


2.Install Collaborative Robots (Cobots) designed & built by human engineers with


 Intelligent Automation that have the capability of learning multiple tasks to assist & support


but not replace hard skilled human workers install & program their Cobots as their platform


in the production of goods and services.


  Cobots are for multi-tasked back-breaking repetitive monotonous work letting their


 human co-workers focus on work utilizing their knowledge and hard skills to generate


a positive ROI & Profits.

Cognitive computing links the functioning of human brains and intelligent machines

  & strengths human employee performance, automates complex

 workloads to improve human decision-making saving time and money.

Software robotics use bots software programs (artificial intelligence (AI) to automate

 computer instructions (algorithms) & chatbots software programs to simulate

  human conversation through text or voice between humans & digital devices.

 A bot (robot) acts as virtual assistants to do repetitive, lower-value work, logging

 into applications & systems, moving files & folders, filling in forms, inserting

 data & routine data analyses & reports with requests from humans.

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates & processes human conversation

 (both written & or spoken), allowing humans to interact with digital devices as if they

 were communicating with a real person. Chatbots are designed & developed to collect

 & provide information for customers, human workers, trainees, students, scholars

 & answer general questions 24/7 on request.

STOP!  Don’t scrap your Industrial Robots, Cobots, & Robotic equipment

 Working---Non-Working---Used & Surplus Parts.

YES--WE Want to Buy them NOW!

  The alternative to scrapping is to trade them in & sell them to Cooper Applied Technology.

 Updated Industrial Robots & Intelligent Machines can still have a useful life.

What automation projects are you working on or need to design & plan to implement now?

We can Answer Questions---Guide you---be your Supplier.

Do you have and are you sure you have updated installed Encryption Algorithms to protect

 & secure your Vision Guided Industrial Robots and Intelligent Machines & Data?



  Cooper Applied Technology (USA, family founded) has transformed from an outdated inefficient analog company into The Fourth Industrial Revolution—Industry 4.0 digital technology company.

 We are problem solvers, system integrators, automation services & suppliers of vision guided robots, intelligent machines Cobots, robotic equipment and information about   cognitive computing enhanced services.

 I acquired my practical business knowledge & experience as a Director, CEO, CTO, VP, entry level employee of various companies before joining Cooper Applied Technology.

 I earned BS degrees in Accounting & Electrical Engineering &

 MBA degrees in Finance & Economics  (SSL) (SM) (TM) ®*no cookies here*

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