January 2022


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  Industrial Robots with Color Vision

 “Employing & or Hiring”  Multi-tasking Industrial Robots?

BUYERS of new surplus & or used Industrial Robots

SUPPLIERS of updated new surplus & or retrofitted pre-owned Industrial Robots,

Robot-Color Vision Cameras & Software---see more do more

Today’s business survival is now defined by how well & quickly companies can

understand and intelligently react to unavailable skilled labor & their need to replace

high levels of company employee retirements. Solution is to hire money making

 Industrial Robots with either X-Y 2D view or X-Y-Z 3D color vision.

The cost of Robotic 3D vision system is nominal using a 2D camera mounted on the moving

robot arm to give the camera two or more different angles of view.  The camera image

 data is then software calibrated & analyzed to provide location and orientation

 information data for the Industrial Robot to visually see it’s assigned jobs.

 Industrial Robots are being built by humans to replicate human work skills, designed

to see & learn based on data patterns, have multi-tasking ability, able to work 24/7

 with no complaints and generate a ROI & profits.

Industrial Robots are blind unless designed with 2D or 3D vision-guided eyes to


 work beyond scripted tasks, improves accuracy & safety in smart automated


 processes & other applications, simplification of cell design &


 lowers labor & overall operating costs.

 Unlike human labor, Industrial Robots don’t take work breaks, lunch or vacations,

incur medical costs, require office space, union membership or parking lots, etc.

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution/Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of


Things are connections between machines & people working together, machine to


machine communications in real-time data, automation, robot vision-Guided Eyes,


deep learning & multitasking in manufacturing, medical, healthcare, warehousing,


transportation and more.


*Don’t scrap your Industrial Robots & equipment! What is your alternative. Even  


your old limited one task industrial Robots that can’t see, cell equipment


with outdated proprietary programming language, no current or critical security


updates to prevent unauthorized remote control can still have value.

*The alternative to scrapping is trade them in.

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We are BUYERS of USED & or NEW SURPLUS Industrial Robots, Vision Optics

Cameras, Robotics cell equipment, positioners, teach pendants, programmable

 logic controllers (PLC), communication hubs, tooling, sensors, actuators & parts.

 “Hiring” money making Multi-tasking Industrial Robots?

 See what we have

  your primary source for upgraded new surplus & pre-owned retrofitted Industrial

Robots, (possible updating your old Robots operating system), Industrial Robots

with 2D & 3D color vision-guided eyes & calibrated cameras, programmable logic

controllers (PLC), software for multi-tasking (ROS) with cognitive computing (AI).

 Also available IIoT gateways, tooling, actuators (electric motors & hydraulics),

 communication hubs, ID & password program all at a fraction of the cost of new.

Industrial Robots can be a customized solution for numerous and diverse


 ABB, The Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Midea Group (KUKA),

The Fanuc Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries,

Epson Robots, Stäubli, Nachi Fujikoshi Corporation,

Comau, Omron Adept Technology Inc. & others



Vision-guided Robots.  The EYES have it.




We listen, question & evaluate your current operations & requirements,

 then propose Robotic automaton when applicable & ID & password safety

 measures combined to generate a ROI & profits.

Cooper applied technology (USA, family founded) has transformed from


an outdated inefficient analog company into an Industrial Internet of


 Things IIoT or Industry 4.0 supplier, problem solvers, innovators, system


Integrators & visionaries. I gained practical business knowledge &


experience with companies as a Director, CEO, CTO, VP & entry level


 employee before joining Cooper Applied Technology. My education


 has enhanced my practical business skills for me by earning college


 degrees in Business Administration & Accounting,


 Electrical Engineering & advanced degrees in Finance & Economics.


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