September 2022

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Systems Integrators

Cognitive Computing --- Virtual Reality (VR & AR) --- Chatbots

 assist in health care for cognitive & memory impairment dementia


Collaborative Robots (Cobots) (AI & chatbots, etc.)

   A business & or health care providers survive by never giving up the need with

 assistance of technology to hire, retain or replace retiring workers.

Cooper Applied Technology (The Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0) has the knowledge,

insight & vision applying Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing

to use in hiring or retaining or replacing hard & soft skilled industrial workers.

 The same technology applies to health care workers.

Cognitive Computing can simulate the human cognitive thought process in a computerized

 model using self-learning algorithms that use data mining, pattern recognition & natural

 language processing. Cognitive computing can mimic the way

the human brain works helping & assisting humans, reducing cognitive stress,

 improve reasoning, LT & ST memoy retention & recall

 & decision-making & problem solving.

Combined with Virtual Reality (VR) utilization of immersive technology may

 further help in memory health care for adults with cognitive impairment &

 dementia. Various published scientific studies from universities & private

 entities about memory health care using Virtual Reality vision devices &

software (E.G., & cognitive computing are found & explained in

 Google search.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a three-

dimensional world that humans can interact with.

 Experience the sensation of being completely immersed in

 & recall memories & seeing yourself in one’s 3D (not 2D)

personal pictures & videos.

  Thus, improving the quality of life for people with cognitive impairment &


Software robotics are simple or complex computer programs designed to do specific actions.

A software bot, short for "robot" is nothing more than a piece (or pieces) of code that runs on

 a host device. A chatbot is an automated program that interacts with people as a human

 would and simulates & processes human questions both written & spoken. Inquiries from your digital

devices is just like communicating with a real person to answer memory questions 24/7/365.

Collaborative Robots (Cobots) are designed & built by human engineers are a form of robotic

 automation built to work safely alongside but not replace human workers in a shared,

 collaborative workspace.



Cooper Applied Technology (USA, family founded) has transformed from an outdated inefficient analog company to

The Fourth Industrial Revolution—Industry 4.0  intelligent digital technology company.

We are consultants, work collaboratively with entrepreneurs to form ideas, plan, implement & deploy digital innovation. System integrators & automation services.

 Virtual Reality (VR & AR), Cognitive Computing & Chatbots for Memory Health Care.

I acquired my practical business knowledge & experience as a Director, CEO,CTO, VP, employee of various companies before joining Cooper Applied Technology.

I earned a BS degree in Accounting & Electrical Engineering & an MBA degree in Finance & Economics.

Richard Cooper CEO  CTO

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