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Business Applications & Services for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

and  Blockchain Technology

Meta Data + Smart Contracts + DApps for NFT minting  


Money was Power for the few---now Technology is the Power for all

Blockchain Building Blocks and Monetization


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a protocol that enables the secure functioning of a decentralized

 digital data base. Distributed decentralized networks eliminate the need for a central authority &

middleman to keep a check against manipulation & hacking.

 DLT allows for storage of all information in a secure and accurate manner using cryptography. TRUST

             Blockchain a subset of DLT are decentralized connected blocks in chronological order on a network of connected

              devices across communities & participants. No single person has control hence all users collectively retain control.

·                    smart contracts (in computer code), meta data & DApps.  As new transaction data is generated, it is entered

·                    into a new immutable irreversible secure ledger block, verified, encoded & chained onto the previous ledger block.

·         Blockchain  uses the internet as there is no restraint to distance & time generating network effects.

NFT vs FT ?

         A non-fungible token (NFT), is a blockchain-based tokenized ledger generated through cryptographic hashing

methods and leverages blockchain technology for linking unique digital assets that cannot be replicated.

                   NFT can be of a collectible item, art piece. photograph, patent, copyright. NFTs are unique, can’t be

                  exchanged like-for-like & are stored publicly for verification on the Ethereum blockchain network.

          Each NFT token should include Meta Data, a Smart Contract that is self-executing (if/then) & specifies the rights

         of the buyer & seller, and DApps.  NFT missing meta data has little value, as it is unable to provide

         proof of ownership, author, file size, date created, patent & copyright information, etc.

        When an NFT is resold, the smart contract assures royalty payments (ERC1155, ERC720) to the

        original NFT owner verified on Ethereum blockchain network.

A Fungible token (FT) is not unique and can be exchanged like-for-like such as fiat currency, US dollar, etc.

       Tokenization is the process of creating digital (digitizing) versions or copies of original physical assets & intangible

       intellectual property into a NFT data ledger for Ethereum blockchain.

          Blockchain distributed ledgers can be built on top of existing business’s Hard Assets, Soft Assets (human skills) &

Intangible Intellectual Property.

Blockchain is poised to disrupt virtually every business with Blockchain & Smart Contracts technology. Why?

  no middlemAn, brokers,

INTERMEDIARIES or 3rd party applications

Efficiency, Scalability, Growth, Security, Profitability and most important TRUST

Just Some business examples:

Secure & trusted medical data

Patents, licenses, Copyrights, other Intellectual property assets

Music royalties tracking

Cross-border payments

Real-time IoT operating systems

Personal identity security

Anti-money laundering tracking system

Supply chain and logistics monitoring

Voting mechanism

Advertising insights

Original content creation

Cryptocurrency exchange

 Real estate smart contracts & tokenization

Insurance smart contracts claims, etc.

Hard Skills and People Soft Skills updates & exchange

DeFi  decentralized finance

Fungible & non-fungible token DApps



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