NEWS UPDATE November 2020

֎ Cooper Applied Technology


Platform Business Model for the e-commerce ecosystem


facilitating network connections for e-commerce that creates network effects


Verification of Business Monetization for e-commerce for ROI and Profit



Are you aware you can advertise your Hard Skills & People Soft Skills using our platform.


You can self-express your creativity, knowledge and publish your news the intelligent way.


What are your skills? What are your certifications, have you made presentations,


received awards, written papers or a book ? Tell the network.


Using our Platform Business Model network connections,


you can build your data base of helpful contacts that share needed


skills that motivate, inspire & assist in your Digital Transformation Objectives.


There is no cost or fees applicable

Hard Skills are technology knowledge & training that you have gained through

any life experience, hands on work, including in your career & education


Have Hard Skills to share & need help with Soft Skills. Contacts in opposite column











People Soft Skills are personal habits, traits, ethics that shape how you work on

your own & with others


Have People Soft Skills to share & need help with Hard Skills. Contacts in

opposite column











Cooper applied technology (USA company, founded 1976) has transformed from an


outdated inefficient analog business into a Digital Transformation Engineering Company.


Sharing our knowledge of Business Accounting, Electrical Engineering, Finance,


Economics, Computer applications and Audio-Visual media to help eliminate


competitive e-commerce business disruption.


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mailto: MJ Smart- chief technology engineer

mailto: David Wakefield-motivational media producer & director

Richard Cooper B.S. (Accounting--Electrical Engineering) MBA (Finance --Economics) CEO-CTO

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